The France-IX Marketplace is a platform allowing Internet service providers to offer their solutions to customers connected to the France-IX exchange points:

  • Providers and Customers use their port (Marketplace and/or Peering) to sell and/or subscribe to additional services, available on the Marketplace.

Benefits for customers

  • Only one port is needed to access the Marketplace and all France-IX IP services.
  • The connection port is no longer necessarily dedicated to peering.
  • Access time to ultra-fast services (VLAN port configuration in 1 business day).

Benefits for suppliers

  • Ability to provide services to more than 500 networks connected to France-IX, from a single port.
  • Platform open to any type of Customer having subscribed to a port on the France-IX Marketplace.
  • Opportunity to reach new and growing markets, targeting African, Asian and Middle Eastern members.
  • Price and contractual autonomy from the Provider to the Customer.
  • Fast implementation (VLAN port configuration in 1 business day).